About Us

So, who are we? We want to be transparent and approachable as well as being professional and cost effective so you can find out a bit more about us on this page.

The business is run by 3 Taunton business people with years of experience in local media, events, printing and designing. Their combined knowledge and skills have produced the bannervan.

We all live in and around Taunton and know all the roads, schools, busy areas and are willing to give your our input if you need help with your plans, we have access to event planners, local advertising media in print, web & social media.

Two of the owners run a printing company and the other a local newspaper and radio station. We are happy to discuss a package as a whole if required, although all the companies are independently run, we can act as your one stop shop.

We are very approachable and hands on with all projects, after all we want it to work for you so you come back time after time.