About Us

‘The Bannervan’ is a southwest mobile advertising service. But, who are we? A transparent and approachable company providing a professional and cost effective service. So here’s a bit more about the people behind the van.

Run by two Taunton business people with years of experience in local media, events, printing and graphic design. Our combined knowledge and skills have produced, what we believe is a unique advertising product in ‘The Bannervan’.

Both owners are Taunton based so we know the local area well. But we have also been all over the Southwest with our growing convoy of Bannervan’s. Promoting all kinds of advertising and awareness campaigns from Plymouth to Bristol. We like to get involved with your campaign as ‘one of the team’. And we are always willing to give you our input if you need help with planning your route, insight into potential event locations, local advertising media in print, web & social media.

Ours is a very approachable and forward thinking partnership, which is why our growing list of clients come back time after time. We are independent, not a franchise, so we can be flexible when working on a campaign schedule that meets your needs and your budget.

What are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road!

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